Briana Wolf


My Name is Briana



I write songs.  You can check out some of them here!


Songs I Wrote

by Briana Wolf

On Itunes/spotify/etc! (LINK) 

News & Updates


Briana Was recently featured on Mashable (LINK) and Amy Poehler's Smart Girls (LINK)! 

She'd like to thank all the people that have shared their stories with her about mental illness over the past week. The first step of ending the stigma is people speaking out so we all know we are not alone. <3

She had a benefit concert for Bring Change 2 Mind, to help end the stigma of mental illness, featuring a cast of 20 broadway singers. LINK HERE!

She has a new EP out called "Song's I Wrote" which can be found on itunes/spotify/amazon/tidal/everything else.


Thanks For Reading!